What to expect...

The session itself is 20 minutes long, it is a full body workout equivalent to 60-90 minutes of high intensity training (it can be adjusted up or down in terms of intensity based on each clients fitness level and comfort-ability).

You put on a provided pair of EMS undergarments (cotton 3/4 sleeve shirt and shorts), over that you wear an EMS vest and shorts (looks a bit like a wet suit). In the suit are electrodes that are positioned in the equipment so that they contact your major muscle groups (abs, biceps, glutes, etc) the contact points in the suit are sprayed with a little water first to allow the current to pass through and activate your muscles.

The trainer will lead you through a series of basic exercises (lunges, squats, planks, etc). While you do this he/she adjusts the level of the EMS machine so that each muscle group is challenged.